Specialising in Therapy for
Grief, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression &
Disordered  Eating.


Grief counselling is a supportive therapy that can help you to process feelings of loss. Your counsellor is not the expert on your grief, but someone who is skilled in assisting you to find meaning and healing in your experience. READ MORE.


Traumatic experiences challenge people's feelings of security and wellbeing; they can overwhelm our emotions, dominate our thoughts, and undermine our confidence in our ability to cope. Our reactions to trauma may seem unusual and disturbing, but they are often normal responses to abnormal events. READ MORE.


Anxiety can be overwhelming and become a negative cycle in a persons life, by making them feel that they can't cope, and prevent them from confronting their fears. If you find yourself struggling with anxiety, counselling can help restore your health and wellbeing. READ MORE.


From time to time we can all feel sad, or upset as a reaction to stressful life events and experiences. However, sometimes people can experience these feelings for no reason at all. If these feelings persist, they can be signs of depression. READ MORE.

Disordered Eating

Disordered eating describes the full spectrum of eating related issues, from simple dieting to a clinical eating disorder. I provide treatment for people experiencing Binge Eating Disorder. READ MORE.

*For information or referral to a counselling service for other conditions, such as Anorexia Nervosa, or Bulimia Nervosa, please contact your medical practictioner or The Butterfly Foundation.