Counselling and supervision can can be provided via telephone or video. If you are not able to attend in person due to restrictions, distance or transport concerns, then an online or telephone session might be the ideal solution. Telehealth services can be accessed as a full fee paying client, or via Medicare or other types of funding, see details on Fees and Rebates page.

Are Telehealth services effective?


Counselling or supervision via telephone or video has been found to be as effective as face-to-face appointments in many studies. In some cases, Telehealth may not be the best treatment for you; this can be explored during our initial telephone consultation.

What equipment do I need for video counselling?


- Access to a quiet, private space

- A device with a camera, microphone and speakers,
  e.g. a smartphone, computer or iPad

- A reliable internet connection

- Zoom video conferencing software


Getting started with Zoom


Zoom is a free service you can download to your computer. If you do not already have access to a Zoom account then you need to:

- Go the Zoom website and download the latest version for your device.

- Test your installation to make sure it is working.

- Connect via the link I will email you before your session time starts.



To find out about privacy and security using Zoom, please visit:

For more information on my approach to counselling please see Counselling Methods. You can also contact me, or book an appointment to discuss further.

Counselling Methods
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Grief Counselling
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