Leadership Coaching

Professional Coaching

Professional coaching is focused on helping you improve your skills and performance, by developing insights and strategies tailored to your specific needs. It can also assist you to stay healthy and balanced, to unlock your full potential.

Coaching provides a supportive space for you to discuss your professional development needs. It is a positive and creative process, which will help you to clarify your direction, be more confident in your ability to achieve your objectives, and enhance your self-awareness.

Through exploration, analysis, and goal setting, coaching can help you with:

  • decision-making

  • creative problem solving

  • conflict resolution

  • improving relationships

  • communication skills

  • self-confidence

  • stress management

  • work-life balance

  • identifying your strengths

  • executive presence

  • emotional intelligence

  • time management


​Coaching meetings focus on specific areas for professional development:


  • During our initial assessment, objectives and strategies are identified and an action plan will be tailored for your individual needs and aspirations.

  • Follow up meetings will be scheduled to monitor progress and identify any further areas that need to be addressed.

  • Ongoing ​meetings can be arranged for support and trouble shooting as required.

Differences between
Coaching, Supervision & Counselling

Supervision and coaching can have some similarities, however supervision  generally involves issues related to clinical practice for health and welfare service providers. Please see the Supervision page for more information.


Counselling helps people deal with personal issues in much greater depth. This is recommended if there is an ongoing pattern of difficulties, which may involve issues with behaviour or mood, such as anxiety or depression. If you think you may need a more in-depth approach to resolve personal difficulties please see my page on Counselling Services.

It is important to find the best professional coach

for your needs. In addition to a supportive and collaborative style, I have the following qualifications and experience:

My Experience

  • 17+ years in private practice

  • 9+ years providing Employee Assistance Programs

  • 7+ years in a supervisory role

  • 4 years as a trainer and educator

My Qualifications

  • Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy

  • Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)

  • Bachelor of Health Science

  • Specialised training in Supervision

  • Certificate IV in Business

  • Certificate IV in Training and Education

If you would like to discuss Coaching Services further, please call me on

0409 554 701, or you can book an appointment online.

Counselling Methods
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Grief Counselling
Trauma Counselling
Depression Counselling
Anxiety Counselling
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Professional Coaching