These are difficult times we are facing, and people are needing support more than ever. Unfortunately, many people are either unable to access support or are trying to stay safe by not venturing out. ​As an essential service, counselling is currently exempt from social distancing requirements, so face to face counselling may be available, as long as it is safe for everyone; you can use this Interactive Self Assessment to see if you need to self isolate.


In addition, scheduling at my Clifton Hill office means that there is only one client and counsellor present at any given time, the premises are appropriately sterilised, and there is a 2 metre gap between the client and counsellor seating arrangement.

If you do need to stay safe by self-isolating or social distancing, it does not mean you have to go without treatment or support; I offer telehealth (telephone or video) counselling, and there are various kinds of funding available to make it more accessible.


Common reasons people need to access counselling during the pandemic:


  • You may find that issues you were previously handling are now becoming overwhelming, and this is a normal result of the increased stress you are facing, causing a depletion of your usual resources or resilience.

  • Some people may find pre-existing conditons, such as health anxiety, or trauma, are being triggered and require them to renew treatment and support.

  • Issues directly caused by the epidemic, such as the need to self-isolate, impact on relationships, concern about loved ones, loss of income, feelings of uncertainty etc.


  • You may feel you don't want to burden others with your need for help, knowing that your loved ones are also being affected, and you want someone who can listen, understand, and help you with coping strategies.

  • Counselling and/or psychotherapy may be something you have been wanting to do for some time and you really feel you need it now, but are unsure what to do, as you want or need to follow guidelines for self-isolation or social distancing.

Some clients may be able to access funding via Medicare, Carers Victoria, or via several Employee Assistance Program (EAP) providers, all of which offer counselling via telephone or video free of charge. Under the current circumstances, I am also offering reduced fees to people that are not eligible for these funding options, so that they can continue to access support if needed. Please see my page on Fees During Covid-19 for further information.

For clarification or assistance in accessing telehealth services, please contact me on 0409 554 701 for any queries you have.

As the overwhelming amount of information on coronavirus/COVID-19 is causing issues for some people, I recommend limiting your exposure to what is necessary. Here are some important sources of information:



    If you suspect you may have COVID-19
    call 1800 675 398 – 24 hours, 7 days.

  • For general guidelines on how to manage your mental health during ths time, you can read the guidelines on the Beyond Blue website.

Stay safe :)

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Consulting rooms in Carlton & Clifton Hill.

Local areas include: Abbotsford; Alphington; Brunswick; Brunswick East; Carlton North; Collingwood; East Melbourne; Fairfield; Fitzroy; Fitzroy North; Kew; Melbourne CBD; Northcote; North Melbourne; Richmond; Thornbury.

Author: Eleni Tsita